First day of school

This is it!  The first day of school.  Both children will be back in a routine and I will be free to stress about getting volunteers by myself.  Oh, and when to get the laundry done because I need to get a birthday cake made and we are camping this weekend.

Ditty used her alarm clock to get up on her own today.  DH asked last night what time I wanted my alarm set to for this morning.  You’re going to be so proud of me! . . . I said 6:30.  That’s right, not 6, not 5:45 so that I could be up before her to help her get her things together and get her ready for her first day of middle school.  Nope, no hover mom thing.  I said 6:30 so that if by chance she wasn’t up yet, she would still have time to get dressed and eat breakfast before running out the door to catch her bus.

BooBoo also got up on his own. . . and headed straight for the television.  There’s a reason this kid is so skinny.  He doesn’t generally eat breakfast until almost lunch time.  So I gently reminded him that he would have to eat breakfast after this one program is over.  And I will probably have to remind him to get ready to go to his bus stop to ride his bus later.  Mainly because he will be engrossed in some television show right up to the time he needs to leave. 

Kind of like I was at his age.  If I was watching tv, you could have set a bomb off in the room and the only reaction you would have gotten from me would have been anger at not being able to hear what they were saying on tv.  So I know where he gets it from, I just don’t like admitting it.

So, I will go down to the school to watch his arrival (a good excuse to make sure I get a copy of the parishioner list that I can write on for cold calling volunteers, or vice versa).  I will also go out and get a frou-frou coffee and probably some new yarn.  Because I have a punch card for each that is now filled so I can get my coffee and $20 worth of yarn for free.  That should ease the transition to the start of a new school year.  And if my hair stylist has an opening today, I’ll get my hair cut too.  Because it’s been over a year now and the split ends are really bugging me.  That would really make my day.


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