But it’s only the second day!

“Children bring something home every day. . . sometimes in their hand, sometimes in their head, sometimes in their heart, and once in awhile, in their hair.”   Valerie Welks Workshop

Yes, that’s right.  Today the note came home in BooBoo’s class that someone in the class has head lice.  It’s only the second day of school!

This is honestly the note I detest more than the strep throat note.  And even more than the flu or whooping cough notes.  Those things all have very noticeable symptoms.  And they are sure to go away with proper treatment.  Head lice are a different story.  They aren’t always immediately noticeable and they seem to rarely go away with just one treatment.

I’m now wishing that I had just shaved BooBoo’s head for his haircut last weekend!  It would have saved me this headache.  Or is it head itch?

Oh, and still no coffee or yarn.  Everytime I plan, something else comes up.  So que sera sera on tomorrow’s chances.


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