Amazing decisions

So last Sunday, I was attempting to adjust my attitude and just go to the decommissioning ceremony for one of our Girl Scout camps, Camp Greenwood.  I just couldn’t manage it.  It flat bummed me out to go and say goodbye to that camp. 

So I decided to put myself in a place where my presence might actually do some good.  I attended my first LifeChain event.  For those unfamiliar with LifeChain, it is a peaceful assembly of pro-life individuals.  We stood side-by-side along a sidewalk in my community (others do the same in their communities) on the first Sunday in October.  That Sunday is officially designated as Respect Life Sunday in diocese nationwide.  We held signs supporting our message such as:  Abortion Kills Children, Adoption the Loving Option, etc.

Some of the motorists on this stretch of highway were supportive of our efforts.  Many passed by without comment or a look.  A few (two males) decided to flip us off, and one young woman shouted “We have a choice”. 

I agree that we have a choice.  But the choice is whether to have sex or not have sex.  A baby isn’t a choice and shouldn’t be killed just because he or she arrives at an inconvenient time because the people who conceived him/her decided they should have sex.  As Horton so aptly puts it in the movie Horton Hears A Who:  “A person’s a person no matter how small”.  If you bring two people together and they have sex and conceive, what comes from that union will not be a puppy, guppy, fish or fowl.  And it won’t be a pony no matter how badly they want one.  They’ll conceive a baby everytime.  How did we as a society get so crass that we thought it okay to murder our own unborn children?

It also surprised me at first that two males would be so angered by our silent vigil that they would flip us off.  Then I began to wonder if the reason they flipped us off was because they had either encouraged their own former girlfriends to have an abortion (this kind of thing does tend to break more relationships than it fixes), or because they didn’t want their current girlfriends to see our message, thereby possibly cutting off their supply of free sex to avoid conception.  I still can’t figure out the why.  I’m not sure that I ever will.

I’m still hoping that people will get the message that abortion is not the safe, convenient, easy, no-regrets way out that the “pro-choicers” say it is. 

Hopefully, the message that there are lots of people waiting to adopt a child will reach those scared young women contemplating an abortion. 

Hopefully they will not feel that abortion is their only option.  After all, how can one really make a choice if no real choice is being offered?

Hopefully my standing there will help people change their hearts. 

Hopefully they will see the other option, adoption, as a valid one and bring joy to a couple who desperately want to be parents.


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