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As you know, I’ve been trying to bring the faith to life with our children by celebrating the feast days of saints with special meals.  This could be a daunting task if we celebrated every feast day of the year since there are very few open days on the calendar.  So I got busy and wrote down some of the things we like to do and looked up the patron saints of those things and we will begin by simply celebrating the witness of those individuals to Jesus.

Since we love to be in the out-of-doors, whether camping, hiking or picnicking, we needed a patron saint of the out-of-doors.  Well, there wasn’t one that I could find, so I decided that St. Francis of Assisi would be as close as we could get.  Because Franciscans take a vow of poverty, the meal needed to reflect that with simple and inexpensive food being the focus as well as food from St. Francis’ native Italy.

So what to make?  Minestrone!  Minestrone is mainly vegetables in broth with some pasta.  Not much could be cheaper or more simple than that.  Now since my kids tend to balk at soups to begin with, I needed to make something they would be happy to eat also.  Grilled cheese sandwiches, not very Italian I know, but at least they fit the “simple” criterion.  The kids actually enjoyed the meal, DH not so much but he survived on three grilled cheese sandwiches.

I am also trying to celebrate the various Marian feasts throughout the year.  My biggest source of recipes and ideas comes from Catholic Cuisine.  You can check out their blog by clicking their RSS feed on the right.

Since I also like to prep meals ahead, all I need to do now is coordinate my saints’ & marian feast days into my regular food prep schedule.  Right now, the freezers are full so the feast day menus will have to be items I can make easily.


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