We have a winner!

I took Ditty to the Knit Out at Southdale yesterday and she won the 1st door prize they gave away!  It was a large bag with 10 balls of Karabella Puffy yarn in lavender and 3 large (2 and 3/8 inch diameter) genuine shell buttons. 

I didn’t realize until we got home that the yarn was 100% merino wool and made in Italy.  With that information, I knew that this was probably one very expensive door prize.  So curious, I looked up the retail value of the yarn and found out that this yarn goes for $16 a ball at full retail price.  The buttons had their price tag on them-$8 each.  That was one way cool door prize!

Meanwhile, Ditty was trying to decide what to make with the yarn.  She had asked me at the Knit Out if I thought she had enough yarn to make a scarf for her and a matching one for the bunny she is crocheting.  I smiled and said that yes she did and probably enough for hats and mittens too.  After we got home, Ditty decided that she might like to make a vest for herself and of course one for the bunny too. 

That sounds like a much better use of this high end yarn.  I’ve already explained to her that she should make the vest a bit big and the armholes a bit deeper than what currently fits her so that she can get a few years wear out of the vest.  I will also help her with the design of the vest.  I’m thinking that we’ll use EPS to figure out how many stitches to cast on and I’ll have her knit it in the round until we get to the underarms, then work the front and back of the vest on straight needles.  We’ll work out the front neck opening together.  I think a shawl collared vest might look nice on her, but I haven’t asked her yet if that’s what she wants to do.  Her opinion is the one that counts since she will have to be happy enough with it to actually wear it. 

What about those beautiful, and spendy, buttons?  I told Ditty that she doesn’t have to use them with this yarn just because they came together.  I did tell her to save them though and not to use them on a cheap, throw-away craft.  There will be other places that they can be put to good use.  By her, of course.  I would never appropriate her winnings.  I’m happy that she won such beautiful yarn.  I also hope that it doesn’t spoil her for basic yarn that she can actually afford.


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