The Play’s The Thing

We took Ditty and BooBoo to see the play, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe last Sunday.  TheaterWorks USA put on the play at a university near my hometown.  I really like this place, spent much time there my freshman year of college (okay it was my only year of college due in part to spending too much time there).  The woods make for a nice walk and there is a chapel on the opposite side of the lake that you can walk to via a well worn trail through those same woods. 

So after we saw the play, we took a walk down the trail and into the woods to the chapel.  We were well provisioned with snacks thanks to my motherly instinct.  DH may be able to live off air, but the rest of us require at least beef sticks and apples.  We got the hike to the chapel finished rather easily.  I was a bit surprised because I had tried to take a troop of fifth grade girls out there one year and they barely made it past the prep school.  I should have known better, however, because Ditty and BooBoo go on all sorts of hikes with us when we’re camping.

When we reached the chapel (they’ve repaired and repainted it bless them), we had a look round then ate our snack.  Oh, not behind the steel fence that was clearly put in place recently presumably to keep people from falling and getting hurt on the rocks below the chapel (the drop is really not significant enough to call it a bluff or a cliff).  No, we had to go around the fence and sit on the sparse patch of lawn.  This was due to the fact that DH was carrying the bag with the snack and yes, like donkeys on a carrot lead we followed.  Well, at least we didn’t starve.

Powered up by a couple of beef sticks and a really good apple, we hiked back the way we came.  The lake trail does go all the way round the lake, but unless you’re a health nut, that’s a pretty big lake to hike all the way around.  Plus there’s the hike back to the far parking lot to retrieve the vehicle.  On the way out to the chapel, I was looking for the statues that I remembered being on the trail but I couldn’t find them.  I remembered a statue of Mary, not a large one, placed in a little house-like shelter (not sure if it is called a grotto when it’s made of wood) and a stone (or possibly cement) statue of Blessed Kateri Tekawitha.  I was appalled that the statues might have been removed.  But then we took a different path to get back to the parking lot and we found the little wooden shelter.  Mary’s statue was gone, possible to be protected indoors from the approaching winter season.  Let’s pray the removal isn’t permanent.  Then we found the statue of Blessed Kateri, so I told Ditty & BooBoo what I remembered of her story.

They weren’t impressed.  Maybe because I didn’t tell it well enough.  I really needed a bathroom after that two hour hike, so the story got considerably shorter.  Or maybe because kids don’t always appreciate a good religious story.  Or maybe they were tired, or it didn’t have all the flash of the play they had just seen.  Oh well, we’ve got a few extra days off this week so I’ll pull out the old book containing the story and read that to them.  I can also pull out our saint book and see what they’ve written about her.  Ditty and BooBoo will just have to remember what the statue looked like though.  With this cold I got, I’m not about to take another hike in that woods until late spring.

For those wondering, Ditty’s knowledge bowl team (grades 5th & 6th team 1) earned the fourth place spot in their first meet of the season!  Not bad placement at all as there were about 20 teams in the competition.  Our school’s 7th & 8th grade team 1 took first place in their division.  I’m not sure how many 7th & 8th grade teams there were, but the scores were very close within the top three rankings.  Good show kids!


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