I Feel So Empty

Okay, not me personally.  More like this poor container . . .

Yes, I left the eldest child to make supper on Monday night with an almost full container of spaghetti.  Since she’s 24, I figured that she knew how to measure spaghetti using the handy little swivel top to this container.  I mean even if she had used the 2 serving opening for each of the three of them (Ditty & I were at a Knowledge Bowl meet and eating supper there), she couldn’t possibly use up the whole container.  Oh how wrong I was. 

I was too tired Monday night to notice the empty and washed container on the counter.  But when I came down for breakfast Tuesday morning, there it sat.  Clean but rather empty.  So I probably need to learn how to make a spaghetti pie in the next few days to use up the extra spaghetti.  Either that or have a leftovers night.

At least the Knowledge Bowl meet went well.  Ditty’s team placed fourth out of 20 teams at the meet.  And the church is now clean.


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