Not long enough

Well, the long weekend is over.  We packed some fun into it and some work too. 

I’ve got two loads of laundry left to fold and I picked up some yarn at Walmart to crochet a tree skirt for our Christmas tree.  The sparkly, glittery acrylic yarn in red, white & green.  Yes, I know it’s not even Halloween yet.  The funny thing about handmade items is that they don’t just make themselves.  That’s why I got the yarn now, so that hopefully I’m done before Christmas.  I’m not holding my breath to be done by Advent.  I’ve seen how fast these months fly by lately.  BTW, I hate the feel of that acrylic yarn on my hands.  But I do like how the tree skirt is coming along and the nice, easy pattern I found for it.

DH & I went to the anniversary celebration for two local Lions Clubs that were chartered 65 years ago.  It was a very good time.  We got to catch up with people that we haven’t seen in awhile.  The guest speaker was a past international director and his speech was very good.  Did you know that the Lions Clubs have helped to fund distribution of an antibiotic that prevents river blindness in people living in Africa?  Or that they are funding research into a cure for Type 1 diabetes by helping local farmers produce medical grade hogs so that certain cells can be harvested from the hogs pancreas and grafted to the human pancreas?  Or that they have provided 30,000 tents to Haitian families so that they would have a place to live after the earthquake?  These people were living in the streets and if they were lucky, in cardboard boxes.  Now they have a tent to keep them warm and dry.  Lions definitely serve their local communities.  They are a part of what makes our communities strong.  They also help people all over the world.  It’s pretty cool really, all the work that they do.

Ditty and I went to the final day of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit yesterday.  That was supposed to be part of the fun this weekend.  The crowds were quite large.  They let us enter in groups which I’m used to.  But after an hour in the exhibit and we still hadn’t even gotten to the rooms with the scroll fragments or the St. John’s Bibles, even I was beginning to get tuckered out.  In their defense, there was a lot to see in this exhibit and Ditty & I did make the most of seeing all that we could.  However, after looking at a blanket fragment (did you know that checkered blankets were in existence over 2000 years ago? Neither did I until I saw the fragments-that trend is historical.)  Anyway, at that point, I decided we would start skipping some of the other stuff and just get to the meat of the exhibit, the scrolls themselves and the St. John’s Bible.  Even doing that, it took us another hour to get through the exhibit and downstairs for a snack before heading home.

But alas, the weekend was not long enough.  BooBoo had to be dropped off at school this morning because we hadn’t finished his poster for Celebrating the gift of BooBoo week.  Hastily scrounged and printed pictures are all that is decorating his poster.  I wish we had remembered to work on it in time.  Well, I’ll surprise him today by eating lunch with him.  And if we get a chance, maybe we can embelish that poster yet.  Or arrange a special visitor for him.


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