Well, I’m not official but I’ve decided to try the NaBloPoMo thing and attempt a post every day for one month.  This month?  Yup, November.  Why?  Good question since Thanksgiving will be the hardest day to post.  DH doesn’t like sharing me with the computer.

Oh well, on to the real post for today. . .

Ditty had her second knowledge bowl meet of the season today.  The team took fourth place . . . again.  So close.

They were doing so well at the beginning of the night.  They were the first team finished with the written round.  They scored 20 points on each of their first two oral rounds.  The hosting school power ranked the teams after the second oral round.  The third and final oral round left them with another 14 points to add to their total. 

A score of 54 points in three oral rounds is pretty impressive.  Just not quite enough to get a medal.  Maybe next time.  I wonder if there is a patron saint of knowledge bowl participants I can ask to intercede for them?

Still, fourth place out of twenty-one teams certainly doesn’t mean you’re just a sack of fertilizer.

BTW:  Tomorrow, November 2nd, is Election Day so don’t forget to go out and vote.  Make your voice heard.


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