I didn’t get on the computer yesterday to post.  I guess that’s what happens when you try to do too many things at one time.  I worked a full day yesterday.  A friend of mine needed someone to answer phones at their office while they were away so I said I would be their dedicated office temp.  It’s a pretty sweet gig.  I go in when they need me and I can still be a stay at home mom in between times.

Anyway, after work, I had to head home, pull together some stuff for the troop meeting, wait for someone to drop off some checks, then get the kids into the van, stop and pick up a birthday gift for a party that BooBoo is going to today, get the kids fed fast (Oh I hate McDonalds but that was were we ended up) and get to the troop meeting.  By the time we got home, it was get the kids ready for bed, read BooBoo a chapter of The Silver Chair and get the present wrapped (Thank goodness for gift bags).

At that point, I needed some serious decompression time.  So I turned on The Apprentice (yes, it probably is weird that I can decompress watching Donald Trump) and crocheted a bit more on the Christmas tree skirt that I’m making for our tree this year.  And that’s why I didn’t post yesterday.  Man, only four days into the month and I blew my NaBloPoMo attempt.  The other bloggers are right, post in the morning or you will forget.  Well, there’s always next year. 

I’ll still be trying to post each day for the rest of this month.  Habits start small and sometimes have a few bumps along the way.  Have a great day.


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