A Busy Little Day

It’s been a busy little day already here in the great white north.  A Virtus session this morning, DH off to work a couple of jobs, lunches made for me & the kids, laundry sorted and begun and a little time in between loads to catch up with you.

From what BooBoo tells me, several teachers and the principal had the pleasure of being in the hot seat of the dunk tank on Thursday.  I wish I could have been there, it sounded like so much fun.  The kids were told that if they made the school goal of $50,000 on their Marathon fundraiser there would be a dunk tank at the school.  They were also told that for every certain dollar amount (I think it was each $25) in pledges that they turned in by a certain date, they would get a vote as to which teacher, staff person, principal or priest they wanted to see in the hot seat of the dunk tank.  Oh yeah, they made the goal and had a great time watching the dunkings.

I’m so happy that the elections are over.  No more political phone calls, at least for a few months until the parties start gearing up for the Presidential elections in 2012.  The signs have been taken down and packed away until next time.  And a friend of the family is now the senate majority leader!  I hope that helps get our state moving toward a balanced budget and some real reform.  It’s beginning to sound like we need some election reform too with a recount on the table again.  Let’s hope that happens.

The Virtus session went well.  We still have some participants who get lost trying to find our building.  I’ve sent a note to our business manager and hopefully that can be straightened out so that the online map programs work for them to find us. 

I was wondering how I ended up with so many Virtus participants from the cities out here at my session.  Then it dawned on me when I got home . . . the Archbishop is celebrating Mass out at my church this weekend.  They’re probably the Catholic equivalent of groupies, lol.  Well, it’s nice to know that my notoriety hasn’t gotten that far yet.  Although with a crowd of tourists filling our pews, as much as I’d like to attend the Archbishop’s Mass, I may have to decide on a different time slot instead.

Well, the dryer has sounded it’s buzzer, so I’m off to battle the laundry monster.  Have a great weekend.


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