Draw Two

One of the things my kids enjoy is playing games as a family.  So last Friday night, DH & I sat down with the kids to play Uno.  Immediately, the competition began.

“Oh No!  I’m not sitting in between Dad & Mom!”, Ditty stated emphatically. “I always end up getting all their skips and draw fours.”

So the seating arrangement was changed.  DH & I sat next to each other.  I was across the table from BooBoo and Ditty was feeling pretty safe sitting across the table from her father.  DH dealt the first round.  After BooBoo needed to draw a card, several times in a row on his turns, DH said, “How did we manage to put the kid with the shortest arms at the long end of the table?”.  “Just let it go for now”, I replied, “He’ll manage.”

I dealt the second round and Ditty was getting pretty confident that no one was going to play nasty cards against her.  Then it was her turn to deal.  Oh boy, the hand she dealt me was almost all word cards.  We have an old Uno deck that actually has the words “Skip” “Reverse” and “Draw Two” written on the cards instead of those unintelligible symbols.  I guess the game company has decided that people can’t read anymore so they need weird symbols on their cards instead.  Or else symbols mean they don’t have to produce decks in English, Spanish, Japanese, etc.

But anyway, back to the game.  Since I was sitting on Ditty’s right, she got bombarded with those word cards.  I think I heard “MOM!” more times on Friday night than I have in the past ten years or so.

But the best line of the night came near the end of that round.  Ditty: “Green two”, BooBoo: “Blue two”, DH: “Yellow two”, me: “Draw two”.  Back to Ditty, “Mom!  You were supposed to say Red two!”  I snigger at Ditty, “Nope, that was too good a pattern to resist.”

Hope all your game nights are lots of laughs.


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