A ramble in the garden of my mind

May you find flowers and not weeds. 

I committed to posting each day this month and today I’m drawing a blank.  So since this blog is all about the musings of a 40 something mom, I decided that today we’d take a little stroll and see where we end up.  Call it psychology or psychiatry (or come back tomorrow when the kids might have done something interesting) here goes.

I’ve been thinking about Catholicism lately.  My local priest says things like “We should desire heaven.” and “We should be looking forward to death so that we can live eternally with God.”  Well, okay.  But what about enjoying our lives on earth?  I don’t think I desire my earthly life more than an eternal one in heaven.  I do think that we shouldn’t waste the time God gave us on earth just waiting around to die.  And I wouldn’t purposely try to shorten the time God gave me because I do think that time has a purpose.  Now, my local priest generally gives a good sermon.  It’s just these words of his that seem to be lacking a full explanation or that I’m just not getting it at this point in time.

Another thing my local priest has preached is that we should be constantly trying to evangelize others.  Well, this blog did not start out as a tool for evangelization.  If God wants to use it as such, I feel that is up to God.  I’m just a lowly human being walking my faith walk as best I can.  If you are curious about the Catholic faith, yes you may ask me questions and I will try to answer them as best I can.  I personally think your best bet for getting good answers about the Catholic faith is to ask a priest, bishop or nun as they have studied the faith in far more depth than I at present. 

Please, if you are Protestant, don’t ask a Protestant minister to explain Catholicism to you.  They don’t know any more than you do about Catholicism and you will probably come out of the conversation confused, concussed or with some ridiculous prejudices instead of factual answers.  They will probably try to talk you out of converting, even if you were just looking for answers and not seeking to convert.

And don’t think that you have to be looking to convert in order to ask questions.  I’m willing to just give out information and I’ll trust to the Holy Spirit to do any conversion thing.  The priests, nuns and bishops feel likewise I’m sure.  Oh, and the deacons too.  They’re another good resource for answering your questions.

And please be polite.  I’m not going to try to argue you out of your faith practice, don’t try to argue me out of mine.  Really, it’s a waste of your time and breath.  I may not know everything about my faith yet, but I know that it’s the one I have chosen and I like it.  I like the fullness, the mystery and the practices of it.  I like the rosary and the saints and all the beauty of sacred things.  I like the time I spend in adoration.  I like that I don’t know it all, that there is still more to discover even if it ticks me off that as I was growing up in the 70’s we didn’t learn about these things that I am now rediscovering.  I’m sorry that my parents and so many other adults in the 60’s, 70’s & beyond thought their children would learn the faith through osmosis.  I will try not to make that mistake with my two younger kids and I’ll just have to trust in the Holy Spirit to take care of getting the message to the oldest because the beauty of tradition and repetition is that they create peace.  In the mind, in the heart, in the soul.  I like the peace I feel inside when I’m conscious of my faith.

Many of the RSS feeds on the right are Catholic blogs, not all but quite a few.  Feel free to check them out and please respect their right to their faith and opinions too.  Thanks for taking this little stroll with me.


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