Today was the day

Or rather, yesterday was supposed to be the day.  The day we went to the Math & Science Family Fair.  DH & BooBoo went.  Ditty & I were going with our Girl Scout troop.  But, the weather turned fickle as it is wont to do in mid November and often times much earlier.

We woke up this morning to snow.  Not enough to keep most people indoors.  After all, we have to shovel the stuff off the driveway and front steps.  Can’t have it piling up just anywhere you know.  It was however enough to keep Ditty & I at home.  My co-leader for her scout troop and her husband own a towing business along with a snow plowing service.  This snowfall gave them plenty of work.  They were busy pulling vehicles out of the ditches all morning.  They are also the ones most aware of just how bad the roads are since they go out on calls during the worst weather.  So, she called off the trip and I will stand by her call.

I called DH to ask him if I should drive down to the Fun fair with Ditty since he was expecting her to help him in the B.E.S.T. booth.  He said no.  He had seen 8 cars in the ditches of the freeway between two towns that are not so far apart.  The roads were bad and if he hadn’t been the one with all of the stuff for their booth, he would have turned back just one town up the road from ours and headed home himself.  When you’ve lived all your life in Minnesota, that’s saying something.  We deal with snow on a constant basis in winter.  Although not all the people here remember how to drive in this weather, we do.  So when he says don’t go out, I listen.

Or at least I did until I ran out of painter’s tape.  Then I head to Walmart.  Luckily, it had stopped snowing.  The side roads hadn’t been plowed yet, but the main road was good.  I passed my co-leader heading in the opposite direction.  A car was in the ditch close to where we both live and she was in one of their tow trucks coming to get the person back on the road.  No, we didn’t wave to each other.  We both kept our hands on the steering wheels of our vehicles.  There’ll be time for hello’s later.

In the meantime, Ditty’s room has it’s walls washed and the trim is all taped.  Monday will see us putting on the first coat of primer and if all goes well (meaning if the phone doesn’t drive me daft), we should be done painting her room by Wednesday or Thursday.  Then I’ll just have the wall paper border to put up along the ceiling.  Ugh, the things I get myself into.  When did I ever think that I could hang wallpaper?  Oh yeah, back when that room belonged to the 24 year old.  Oh drat!  Wish me luck.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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