Workin’ for the weekend

I’ve been busy this week painting Ditty’s room.   Goodbye contractor white walls. 

Hello, Meadow Violet walls.

The primer went on the walls Monday.  It took me three hours and I ended up a little short of primer. 

I asked DH about the primer situation and we decided that there should be some primer up there since the walls sucked up the entire gallon of color matched primer I had bought with the paint.  So on Tuesday, I put white primer on the upper walls and then painted the room.  DH arrived home just as I was on the last six feet or so of walls and reminded me that he and BooBoo had a den meeting that night.

Oh, great!  Well, I dispatched DH & the kids to make pizza.  With all the questions, it might have been faster to make it myself.  But they slogged through and I painted fast.  The pizza turned out great and the room now looks like this:

Now I just have to paint the ceiling.  Yes, I should have done that first, but once again I didn’t think of it until after the walls were done.  At least I’m getting really good about not schmutzing up the walls. 

And I will also be putting up a wallpaper border, for the first time.  This one:

I’m going to put it up at ceiling level.  Hey, that should cover up any drips from the painting of the ceiling too.

This lovely paint and wallpaper border that coordinate so well was no accident.  I had originally purchased the border, then had paint color matched to the lavender flowers. . . back when the room was ClaireBear’s, about 6-8 years ago.  Nothing like procrastinating on a project.


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