It’s going to be a very short week

The week of Thanksgiving is always a very short week, schoolwise that is.  Ditty & BooBoo have school on just Monday & Tuesday this week.  And of course, both nights are jam packed with stuff.

Monday night is the Knowledge Bowl meet hosted by our school.  I’ll be working the concession stand that night.  Tuesday night is the Family Fun Night, hosted by the Third Grade Parents and the Home & School Association.  Yes, BooBoo is in 3rd grade so that means . . . I’ll be working the concession stand that night. 

Sounds like deja vu doesn’t it?  That’s actually fine with me.  For one, I’ll be old hat at the tasks we need to get done and two, it means that I don’t have to do any of the math games that night.  Yes, it’s a Math games fun night.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do after a long and busy day is math!  So even though we have to charge money for the concessions and make change, and yes I know that’s math too, I would still rather work the concession stand than be responsible for entertaining kids with math games.

Weird but true.  I am also aware of how important math is to our kid’s future.  I just personally don’t care to do more of it than I absolutely have to.  But I’ve got my kids in the right place.  After all, they consider math games to be a family fun night.  My kids fit in really well on this, I’m not so sure about how well I fit in.


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