Black Friday

To those who get a rush during Black Friday, a happy Black Friday to you.

As for me, I’m going to read and catch up on my email, snuggle up on the couch with yet another cup of coffee liberally laced with creamer, finish crocheting that tree skirt and eventually put on real clothes to go see a movie.

I’ll also do one other thing:  Celebrate the birth of our middle child.

Happy Birthday Ditty!


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"If you are what you should be you will set the whole world on fire."
St. Catherine of Sienna

I finally understand

"Among those around you, apostolic soul, you are the stone fallen into the lake. With your word and your example, you produce a first circle, and it another, and another, and another, wider each time. Now do you understand the greatness of your mission?" St. Josemarie Escriva: The Way
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