Another Ramble

It may be winter outside, but the garden of my mind is certainly growing.

The latest item I’m mulling over is this:  Why is it so hard for people to believe that God is all-powerful?

The ones I’m asking about will tell you that God is all-powerful and then they will say something like: the legends associated with this saint are too fantastical to be true, or if we saw God in all his glory we would die.

Hmm.  Why can’t the legends about a saint be true?  Just because the accounts of what that saint was purported to do defy our limited imaginations, does that automatically make them false?  Just what, precisely, is too fantastical to believe that God could help a person actually do I wonder.

And, if we ever did see God in all his glory, wouldn’t that mean we were in heaven?  So why, if God allowed us to attain heaven, would he then kill (or banish) us from heaven?  They just don’t ask those questions of their theories do they?  So was this information proclaimed to them in a vision or did they just decide it based on Moses being the only man to go up Mt Sinai and live?

I’m no theologian.  Just someone who wonders how some things got decided.  One would think reading more religious material would answer questions, not create them.  Or maybe it just creates deeper questions. 

I guess I’m just curious as to why they seem to have so little faith in the God they claim to believe in.  I believe God can do all things, even things we can’t understand or that seem unreal to us.

Sorry if I’ve confused you.  That wasn’t my intent.  Sometimes just putting our thoughts into words helps us: grow, bend, flourish. . . whatever we need to do at the time.  Keep the faith.


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