Definitely not dreaming

Yes, I’m still here.  That winter storm we had didn’t blow me away to the back of beyond.  Almost felt like it could have though.  And funny how the weather folks on television refuse to call it a blizzard.  But yes I could still see the street in front of our house yesterday and the neighbor’s house across the street, so I guess that’s why it didn’t qualify as a blizzard.  Visibility was still too good.

Oh well.  At least we don’t have to dream of a white Christmas this year.  It’s definitely white out there.  And cold too!  Most of the time, I appreciate a bright, sunny day.  But not in winter!  In winter, the sun shine just means that there are no clouds to hold the heat.

So, what does one do when the snow is falling and blowing around?  Well, I did laundry and sipped ice water.  Guess I am made for this Minnesota weather.


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