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Nope, not a post about Santa!

This post deals with a phenomenon I call the Comment Whore.  WordPress has this lovely feature called Freshly Pressed.  The folks at WordPress slog through the new posts each day to bring us their idea of some of the best posts of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it!  I’ve even been featured once which surprised the daylights out of me.

What I don’t like is seeing the same people in the comments on every single one of those featured posts!  Reality check people . . . no one is that interested in every possible aspect of life (some of the posts actually contradict each other).  Trying to generate traffic on your blog by posting comments on everyone else’s blog is not okay. 

I appreciate comments from people who are actually interested in what I post.  Fake interest doesn’t go very far.  Do not prostitute your blogs in this way.  It doesn’t work.  I might have actually checked out those blogs if it seemed like we shared common interests.  But now, since their “interests” vary to the point of contradiction, I’ll skip them thanks.

You’re welcome to post any comments on this blog.  I’m only railing on those who post comments everywhere.  Wordpress currently has approximately 1 million users-can the comment ho’s possibly agree with them all?


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