Decorating somewhere

Tree . . . check.  Lights . . . check.  Ornaments . . . oops.  I know the boxes are under the stairs, but they haven’t made it up to the tree yet.  And I know that I will have to tell the “story of the ornaments” again this year.  DH & the little kids insist on it.

What’s the “story of the ornaments”?  Well, let me put it like this:  Some people have these nice, fancy, theme Christmas trees.  Every decoration matches and the lights are perfectly coordinated to accentuate the color of their walls, or their artwork.  We, on the other hand, have ornaments that hail from various and sundry stores, crafts’ rooms and other geographic locations.  Each one was given, made or purchased either by us to commemorate an occasion or by family and others we have been in contact with over the years.  For example, there’s the cross stitched ornament that I received from one of the girls in my oldest daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  And the apple ornament, given to me by one of the boys in the third grade religious education class I taught long before I even met my husband.  Not to worry, the apple isn’t real.  Every ornament has it’s little tale of where we got it and who gave it to us (even if that “us’ is just me).  So each year, I regale them with the tale. 

You know, maybe my memory would be better if I didn’t take it out of storage only once a year.  Hmmm.

But Christmas is just a week away, so it’s time to get busy and send the cards, decorate the tree and bake the cookies.  Oh! and wrap the presents.  That always seems to end up being a last minute job that takes until the middle of the night (or right before supper on Christmas Eve-yikes).

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the O Antiphon days.


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