Monday Morning Muse

Happy 2011!

Yes, I know we’re on the third day of it, but I was having such a lovely break with the kids.  I hope you were having a lovely break too.

I’ve decided to try something new with this blog, a theme day.  Don’t know if it will work out for me, but it beats making another new year’s resolution to lose weight.  Okay, I’ll keep trying on that front too – just for my health’s sake.  The new Monday theme is “a thought for the week” kind of thing.  It will be inspired by a quote I’ve read recently (or frantically searched for that morning).  I may agree or disagree with the quote and I will attempt to explain why.  You may also agree or disagree and your comments are welcome.  The goal is simple: to help people become thinkers rather than blind followers.  So, this week’s muse is:

It is ultimately our thinking, more than our outer circumstances, that determines whether we live lives of harmony and peace or pain and despair.”  Marianne Williamson

Ms. Williamson makes a good point with this statement.  Have you ever known someone who, by your standards, doesn’t have the items necessary for happiness, yet they didn’t seem bothered by the lack?  I have and I’ve been that person too.  It’s interesting how the way we think about things affects how we view life.  If we make the best of what we have, we don’t tend to notice as keenly what is not there.  Our focus and values are on non-material “wealth”.

So, does non-material “wealth” really make us happy?  Well, are you happier when your focus is on:  Spending time with your loved ones?  Playing with your children or grandchildren?  Enjoying nature’s green spaces in our world, whether a city, county, state or national park?  Eating a meal with family and/or friends?  Volunteering your time with an organization you believe in?

Is your happiness generated by buying things?  Is that happiness fleeting?  Do you often lose interest in the things you’ve purchased after the thrill of aquistion wanes?  Do you constantly need to purchase things to regain the feeling of happiness you’ve had in the past?

I’d like to encourage you to think and decide where your happiness is centered.

Here’s hoping your life this year will be centered in harmony and peace however you find it.


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