The Silent Winter

Sorry things have been so quiet on my blog lately.  I’ve been getting the house back in its usual order.  Or maybe its unusual order.  The decluttering (or decrapification) has been going well.  I removed 5 boxes of stuff we didn’t need from the house in December and another 5 or so boxes this month.  Plus I’ve already started on the next set of boxes, bags and whatnot.  The whatnot is due to the fact that I’m running out of boxes and bags for this stuff.

It’s amazing really what one decides to keep.  For instance, yesterday I tossed the majority of the cards we received at our wedding-almost 15 years ago.  I still had them.  Never read them, but still had them.  Out in the recycling they went.  And I’m not going to dig them out in the vain hope they can be used in a craft project somehow so let’s not go there.  Okay.  Good.

I also got rid of a huge pile of articles and recipes that I had pulled from magazines about 15 years ago.  Heavens, if I haven’t looked for them in over 14 years, why should I even look at them before I toss the whole lot in the recycling now.  Yes, I actually had to tell myself that to stop me from wasting time deciding whether to keep one or throw it.  Hopefully this thought will make culling the current magazine back issues a little easier as well.  If not, at least they are in magazine holders and I can always say that no more can go in until some come out.  The new online access to back issues and articles should also help.

I’ve also managed to get all the Christmas decorations put away now.  The decluttering yesterday produced a good size plastic bin to store the Thanksgiving themed towels, the advent wreath and advent calendar.  I figured that since Thanksgiving is so close to the start of Advent, this will get those two items out of storage in time to use them from the first Sunday of Advent next year.  No more “I can’t find the box with the Advent stuff”.

I’ve also spent the last two days catching up on laundry.  Thank goodness that’s done.  Including sheets!  And the pile of ironing is really just two shirts, four pants and one hankerchief.  Doable, but probably not until Monday since I have to work tomorrow.  A paid job, I mean.

So, meetings today, work tomorrow and then kids to their auntie and a nice couples weekend with friends.  We’re almost to the weekend!  Hope you enjoy yours too!


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