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Well I have to say that I was appalled at the eulogy delivered by Dave Three’s pastor.  He kept saying “Well, for you, he died too young”.  Yes, we already knew that, duh!  How does it help the bereaved to keep harping on the fact that the deceased died too young?  I was getting close to walking from the back of the congregation up to the pulpit to have some words with him.  Yes, I know that would not have helped his wife and family either-which is why I stayed in my seat, seething, instead.

The other thing the pastor said was this: “It is in our nature to ask Why when something like this happens.  But you should not ask Why.  There is no answer to that question at a time like this.”  What do you mean there is no answer to the question of “Why”?  I suppose asking that question might lead a person to ask other questions.  Like about life, death, their faith practices.  Oh, heaven forbid that we question whether our faith is right or not!  Sheesh, how are people supposed to grow and mature in their life and in their faith if they never ask questions?

Well, the assembly was invited to join together after the funeral for a luncheon in their fellowship hall.  I chose to just get out of there and eat lunch at Perkins.  I couldn’t stand another minute of that pastor and if anyone had asked my opinion of his sermon, I couldn’t have lied.  I was way too angry.

Now for some questions of my own.

Why does the Lutheran Church say the Apostle’s Creed?  There is a line in the Creed that states:  “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church”.  Well, thanks for believing in us, but is it doing you any good?

And why do they say the Nicene Creed?  The line “We believe in one, holy catholic and apostolic church” seems wrong in that setting too.  They deny Apostolic Succession, so why say you believe in what you deny?  Since Catholic translates to universal, how are they universal?  They don’t necessarily pray the same prayers or use the same scripture readings on the same Sundays as all the other Lutheran Churches.  And there are now so many varieties of Lutheran Churches that they are definitely not One or Universal.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Yeah, I’m going to need to reread the Letter of James again.  It’s awfully hard not to judge others.


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