“When I see these pretty, haggard young mothers in the grocery store, my heart goes out to them in a perfectly unnecessary fashion. Unnecessary, because they are much too driven and bedeviled and enjoying themselves to have any idea that they inspire pity. There they are, hardly out of their teens, one baby in the grocery basket, two clutching their skirts, one probably to be fetched from grade school before they steam home to fix meals which will be mostly left on plates for Mother to eat up so that it will not be wasted. Then there is the young and probably anxious husband to coddle and reassure. After all, he is responsible for this circus to which there seems no end, and the insurance people lose no opportunity to remind him what a fix they would be left in should God forbid. Yet these women are so necessary that they just shine, and what greater happiness is there than that?”  Elizabeth Zimmermann

Being necessary, having a purpose in life.  These are something to which we all aspire.  Take stock of your life, find your purpose.  It doesn’t need to be grandiose.  If you have a talent for rocket science, great.  If your talent is in raising your children to be caring human beings, that too is great.  Love the life you lead.  A big ripple can be started by the smallest of stones.


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  1. Zachary Sandoval
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 23:21:31

    They can expand the boundaries of their kids interests by visiting libraries museums art galleries and nature centers. They can participate in clubs community groups and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. They can further support learning related to their childs specific interests through family discussions private lessons and media learning..Guiding your childs interests when they are young gives them the opportunity to experience the joys of learning.

  2. thefrenchchick
    Feb 21, 2011 @ 13:56:53

    The young mothers that Elizabeth was speaking of were young back in the 1940s & 50s. They’re all grandmothers now.

    I do agree that we can do a lot with our children’s free time today. Sometimes just being allowed to play and explore in one’s own backyard or neighborhood park allows for discoveries the child hasn’t yet made. A small child said at Mass yesterday morning “Daddy, why all dose dandles (candles) lighted up?”. So sweet! Children notice things anew even in their usual routine.

    Thanks for stopping by Zachary.

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"Among those around you, apostolic soul, you are the stone fallen into the lake. With your word and your example, you produce a first circle, and it another, and another, and another, wider each time. Now do you understand the greatness of your mission?" St. Josemarie Escriva: The Way
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