Going Mo-bile

Yes, as the final hold out in the cell phone age, I finally succumbed and got a pre-paid phone a few weeks ago.

I’m actually rather proud of having done the majority of the footwork/investigation/choosing on my own. You’d have to understand my lack of technological finesse to really appreciate just how difficult the research part was for me. I know nothing (and I really mean Nothing!) about cell phones, plans, contracts, networks, and all the related etcetera that goes with them. I know that the majority of the people I want to call have a certain cell provider. I checked coverage maps for the places we want to visit in the near future. I was later informed that coverage maps are just ink on paper and good luck, but at the time I was naive enough to believe I’d at least have two bars if not three everywhere it said. And in my defense, one of the coverage maps I checked out was actually from the National Park Service saying where the cell towers were placed in Yellowstone and which providers were contracted to provide cell service there. Of course, the maps were from 2008 and the way things change rapidly in any tech area, I’ll be lucky if we really do have coverage from the top of the pine tree we have to climb to get away from the bear. Just saying.

The phone style that came with the prepaid plan is definitely not the latest and greatest. I had to make sure the Voice Quality control was set to on to get rid of some of the two tin cans sound. But it was what I wanted, a flip phone I mean. There’s just something satisfying about flipping a phone shut at the end of a bad conversation with the insurance company rather than having to push a button to end the call.

I’m still learning where to find all the settings and what those settings do. The calendar is nice, except when it reminds me during an event that I’m supposed to be at the event. That happens when I don’t catch the first reminder 15 mins before the event. I haven’t checked out the maps feature yet. DH has a new GPS toy for getting us to places we already know how to get to and yes, to places we’ve never been as well, but he seems to use it to go everywhere now so I haven’t used the map feature on my phone yet.

Oh well.  I’ve got time to figure out how much I’ll use this phone.  Once the daily access charge hits $30 for a month, then I’ll look at phone contracts.  Until then, I have three months before my initial payment expires.

Enjoy this link.  I’ll be enjoying my phone.  Just a hippy gypsy.


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