Forgetting & Remembering

“May I forget what ought to be forgotten, and recall, unfailingly, all that ought to be recalled, each kindly thing, forgetting what might sting.”  Mary Caroline Davies

Yes, following this advice is hard.  But just think what our world would be like if we did.


Life here has flowed to the mundane after the excitement and drama of “the play”.  Or at least mostly.

During the final week of play practice, DH came home and told me that his chiropractor was putting him on a strict diet to reset his blood sugars in the hope that this would help alleviate some of his allergy symptoms.  This did not go over well considering the stress of that week and it’s flurry of activities.  Especially when the diet consisted of proteins, fresh fruits, vegetables and literally nothing else.  No pasta, no potatoes of any variety, no grains except “roasted rice”, no wheat in any form and no sweeteners of any stripe either.  You have no idea how many foods we take for granted have wheat or some form of sweetener added.

DH will finish the two week regimen of that diet at lunch today.  And I can finally make a pizza for supper without guilt!

The diet also meant that our virtual St. Joseph’s Altar had to stay virtual this year.  The wheat exclusion was absolute.  But here is a picture for you.  Ditty colored the pictures and cut them out for me.  I wrapped the boxes and placed the items.  Next year, hopefully, we can prepared the foods for real and celebrate the gift that St. Joseph is for us all.

And that scruffy looking couch in the background. . . I purchased a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine last Wednesday.  The couch will be getting another cleaning this week.  It got two this weekend and still needs work.  It hadn’t been cleaned in, well, let’s just say not in the time we’ve owned it. 

I have been wanting a carpet cleaner for a long time and the end of October last year, actually got a raincheck for the machine I wanted to purchase.  Unfortunately, the form was filled out incorrectly so the postcard that was supposed to be sent never went out.  With the raincheck, I could have gotten the $250 machine for $179, a substantial savings to say the least.  Well, last week a different machine went on sale for $240 and I had received in the mail a coupon from that store for 30% off any purchases storewide including sale prices.  So I went to the store on Wednesday to purchase a slightly more expensive machine just to get the purchase done so I could clean my carpets, etc.  Lo and behold, they were sold out of the advertised carpet cleaner.  No surprise there, by this time I was seriously beginning to think that they only stocked one or two just to bring people into the store.

However, the store did have the original cleaner that I wanted (only one of them on the shelf, hmm) and it was on sale for $199.  Naturally I grabbed it on the spot.  Heavy, cumbersome box and all.  No cart of course.  This store doesn’t seem to want people to purchase much since they don’t have carts that will accomodate anything bigger than a coffee maker so I had skipped even getting a cart. But I digress.

I wrestled the box up to the checkout, asked the clerk if she could look up my store charge card, since I had forgotten it at home and the coupon was only good if you put the purchase on a store charge card.  She said she could and the wonderful news . . . I got the carpet cleaner that I originally wanted for $150.17 including sales tax, a savings of $121.69 over the total cost at regular price!  Sweet!  And now I can shampoo my carpets and upholstery whenever I want without having to rent a machine or worry about getting the rental back in time.  The only additional cost will be for the carpet shampoo.

Too bad I have to work this week and next or I would have the cleanest carpets anywhere.


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