Book or Movie

“Never judge a book by its movie.”   J.W. Eagan

“Ain’t it the truth.”  The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of OZ

Movies never seem to take the time needed to really flesh out the characters the way books do.  Of course, no one wants to spend more than 2 hours at a movie either.  In movies, we have to get to know the characters quickly which really means we don’t know them at all.  In books, we learn a bit more about the characters in each chapter, kind of like the way we learn about our friends.

Book or Movie, one of life’s great debates.


The kiddos were on spring break last week.  I took them to the Science Museum on Monday since I was off work and didn’t know if I’d have the same luxury the rest of the week.  We saw the King Tut exhibit.  Ditty and BooBoo (especially BooBoo) have in the past been a bit bored when we’ve taken them to exhibits which take more than 30 minutes to get through.  This time, with no crowds to push us along or make me reticent about reading the exhibit placards to them, we made it all the way through without the major whining of the past.  In fact, I don’t think BooBoo complained until one of the last two rooms and it took us an hour and a half to get through the full exhibit. 

It was also quite nice that we arrived at the Science Museum at 12:15 and were able to get in to see the King Tut exhibit at 12:30.  Just enough time for a quick potty break and a stretch after the long drive out before entering the exhibit.  We stayed at the museum, enjoying a couple of shows and the other permanent collections, until about 5pm.  That meant driving home in rush hour traffic.  Not fun, but at least not as bad as I had anticipated.  We moved along quite well until we got to the tunnel, then traffic slowed to a crawl.  The kids were quite good about it.  We called it a great big traffic jam party and sang along to the songs on the radio.  Yes, tinted windows are a plus.

Tuesday we stayed home cleaning and doing laundry.  Wednesday we broke up the cleaning and laundry with a quick half hour trip to the library.

Thursday I took the kids to the Children’s Museum.  BooBoo really wanted to see the Lego Castle exhibit.  Unfortunately, it was a disappointing exhibit.  There wasn’t nearly as much play space as there should have been for this exhibit considering the popularity of Legos in general.  If the exhibit had doubled up on each station, there still would have been crowds enough to cover the area.  There were also many school groups there that day and unfortunately, the chaperones didn’t always do their jobs which makes for a very uncomfortable time for a boy who likes order and courtesy in his life.  I think that this will be the last trip to the Children’s Museum for my kids.  They are 9 & 12 now and unfortunately there really isn’t anything there to hold the interest of the over 9 crowd.  It was fun while they were little and now it’s time to move on.

Friday brought nicer weather and the kids played outside.  The snow is finally all gone from our yard and the grass is beginning to green up again.  Our driveway is once again the canvas for some interesting chalk drawings.  It’s nice to know they haven’t outgrown every bit of childhood.


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