What do you get . . .

So . . .  What do you get when you cross a crazy, busy mom with a crazy, busy 24 hour day?

A missing blog post.

Sorry!  Looks like the Monday Morning Muse is going to be a Tuesday Morning Muse this week.

“We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road.  They get run over.”  Aneurin Bevan 1897-1960

Choose your side wisely.  What we believe is important will shape what we become as individuals.


The rest of the news on the home front:

Easter was beautiful.  Windy and cold but nice.  Spent the day of the Easter Vigil with my parents and Easter Sunday with DH’s parents and his sister.  His brother’s family had something else going on that day.

Last weekend was also quite busy.  Saturday, DH & BooBoo picked up food donations with the Cub Scouts for the city’s food shelf.  DH & I went to the Spring Fever fundraiser for our children’s school that evening.  I was outbid on every item that I tried to get, so I’d say that the event was a success.  I bought several small items from the teacher’s wish list as our contribution instead and donated baskets to the silent auction portion.  The fundraiser supports the curriculum needs and some of the operating costs of the school. 

I’ve been bugging various members of this fundraiser’s committee for several years to get this event off of the Saturday after tax day.  Maybe the success of this year’s event will finally convince them.  My theory is that the people who donate the most to our school are the ones with discretionary cash.  Those people are generally also the ones who have to pay in at income tax time, not the ones getting a refund.  The ones who get refunds tend to file their taxes early in order to receive their refund as quickly as possible.  That also means that they generally spend the refund as soon as it arrives-therefore, none of that money (or very little) reaches our school in the form of donations.  On the other hand, people who pay in generally wait until tax day to do so.  In some (if not many) cases, this ties up their discretionary spending until the next paycheck comes in.  This also does not allow for much spending at a fundraiser if said fundraiser falls before their next paycheck after tax day.  Granted I do not have scientific proof for my theory, just my own miserable experiences with tax day, however, the crazy and somewhat wild bidding going on last Saturday night should hopefully convince a few members of the committee that I was worth listening too . . . I hope.

Divine Mercy Sunday was just as busy.  We attended Mass that morning, then went out for breakfast.  Mass was a good idea, going out for breakfast, well, not so much.  One of the restaurants in town closed along with a gas station to make way for a Walgreen’s drug store.  That makes the restaurant located kitty-corner from the closed restaurant that much busier.  Which was of course the closest restaurant to our church and therefore the logical choice for our eating out.  Our “10:15 okay for you folks” became 10:25 before we were seated.  Our waitress (yes I use the old-fashioned term-I still prefer that to “server”, I’m not too PC I guess) was overworked and harried and it showed.  She was recently hired there and didn’t have the hang of the routine yet.  We finished with breakfast and went home to get Ditty’s Girl Scout sash and my vest.  Then it was time for Ditty & I to get to the Baby Animal Fair to help one of our other Girl Scout leaders with a booth she was running.  We helped the children attending make a plastic soda bottle fish.  It’s a cute project, free for the participants, and we felt as harried as that waitress by the time we were done.  The line for the booth was, at times, over 20 feet long!  But we kept smiles on our faces, Ditty became quite accomplished at tying fishing line (used for hanging up the fish in the child’s room later), and along with the majority of Ditty’s troop, we got the people through as quickly as we could.  Sometimes I think people will stand in a long line just to see what all the buzz is about, don’t you?  DH thought we probably lost some of the people because the line was so long, but it sure didn’t seem like it to us.

After the Baby Animal Fair, which raised funds for Heifer International, we proceeded to DH’s sister’s house for a reception honoring our newly confirmed niece.  It was a nice way to end the day.

Yesterday, I drove to one of our major cities to return training materials to the Girl Scout service center and also to a craft store to purchase a few things.  I also went to Sam’s Club to get my membership id made and picked up some items there as well.  That took up much of the day and laundry did in the rest of it.

Next weekend is Mother’s Day and our nephew’s college graduation.  No rest in sight just yet.

Hope your Easter season is happy and joyful.


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    May 03, 2011 @ 11:26:10

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    May 04, 2011 @ 21:56:45

    Sorry you got misdirected here. Thank you for the nice comment. I’m always amazed at what search terms direct people to find my little corner of the blogosphere.

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