So, when did this start again?

“The accepted mode of transportation was the stripped down Model T Ford, preferably inscribed with such witticisms as ‘Chicken, Here’s Your Roost’, ‘Four Wheels, No Brakes’,  and ‘The Mayflower-Many a Little Puritan Has Come Across In It’.”  From Cheaper by the Dozen published in 1948 and referring to the Roaring Twenties.

So when people tell you that the decline of our youth began in the 1960’s, don’t you believe it!  They obviously learned it from someone older.  As did the generation before that and the one before that, ad infinitum and clear back to Adam & Eve no doubt. 

We parents will just have to remember to keep them on a short leash.  Are you in with me on this?  I sure hope so.


The weekends have been filled with all kinds of good stuff lately.  One niece got confirmed on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Our oldest nephew graduated summa cum laude from college last Sunday.  He’ll be taking his CPA exam this month and should be starting his new job with Ernst & Young in July.  I’m proud of him and his accomplishments.  The kid has always been smart and it’s great to see the result of his applying himself to his studies.

Ditty and I had a nice Girl’s Day Out on Saturday.  We went to lunch, ran a quick errand, saw the movie Soul Surfer and went to Mass.  The boys were at Cub Scout camp and CB was working, so it was just the two of us.

I would definitely recommend Soul Surfer.  It was a good movie and very neat to see how they brought out the way the main character’s faith helped her get through the healing process.  Well worth the money to see it in the theater.  I will say though that if you are squeamish around blood, you might want to close your eyes during the shark scene.  It put Ditty off the popcorn for the rest of the movie.  Although it was nice that she said “I’m glad we went to Mass after seeing that movie.”, but sad that the reason she said it was because her tummy was still upset and she didn’t feel like eating supper yet.


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