Plan well

“Luck is the residue of design.”  Branch Rickey

My days have been passing by in a blur lately, mainly due to not having a proper plan for them.

The paying job that I accepted is seasonal and varied.  There is no way to change that, it simply is.  I need to create time to plan the parts of my days that I can control, the early mornings and the evenings.  I need to take time on the weekend to make a thorough inventory of what is in my freezers and cupboards.  I need to then get my meal plans made and create some easy, go-to meals for those evenings when we don’t have time to make a meal from scratch.

I also need to create chore charts for my kids and see to it that they really use them so that they learn to contribute to our family’s efficiency.  Two are still in school and the eldest has accepted more hours at her job.  That doesn’t excuse them from chores.  We will all need to do our parts so that we can all enjoy some down time.

Off to create a plan.  Have a great week.


It has been an interesting week at our house.  Ditty was gone for a week long educational field trip to a camp up north.  They learned about the environment and team building.  She wasn’t too impressed with the way some kids reacted to the experience.  Ditty loves to camp.  She has no problems with bugs, animals, being dirty, or being outdoors.  Oh, she still can whine with the best of them if she’s uncomfortable, but tell the girl that she’s camping and she can change her attitude when needed.

I asked if they had Mass on Wednesday while they were up at camp.  That’s there usual school Mass day.  She said no, but they did have chapel every day.  Okay, whew!  That works for me.  Since they were at camp with three other Catholic schools, I hoped they would be doing something religious to build their faith at some point.

BooBoo missed having Ditty around.  He tried his little tricks to get attention.  Yes, some of them still work.  I reassured him that even if she says she didn’t miss him, that she actually did miss him.  And I know this is true even if she won’t admit it because of the amount of time spent discussing what “the boys” were doing the weekend that DH & BooBoo went Cub Scout camping.  That helped BooBoo a bit.

Then, on Thursday, my bursitis decided to act up again.  Think tennis elbow in the shoulder.  Very painful.  So, to avoid another midnight trip to the emergency room in agonizing pain, and another $900 medical bill for a painful shoulder, I asked DH to bring me to Urgent Care instead.  He and BooBoo went back home to make pizza for their supper while I sat and waited to be seen by a doctor for the shoulder and prayed that this one would go easier on me than the one in Florida where I had my first diagnosis of bursitis.

The appointment did go much better and so I left with prescriptions for pain management and something to reduce the inflammation of the bursa.  Amazingly, it took longer for these meds to reduce the pain and swelling than the last did.  Sunday was the first day I actually felt good and could move my arm with little to no pain.  I still can’t bring myself to try to raise my arm over my head, but I’ll keep trying slowly because I know that I need to work back into a proper range of motion in that arm.

DH & I also took the family up to our niece & nephew’s Steubenville fundraiser breakfast Sunday morning.  It was a nice breakfast and afterwards we watched our niece play in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament.  Made me wish I was young and agile again.  It certainly looked like a lot of fun, in spite of the wind and cooler than normal temperature.  If you’re wondering what Ultimate Frisbee looks like, go to .  For those who don’t want to click the link, think Frisbee played by seven player teams on what looks like a soccer pitch.  No refs and only players, not coaches, can call fouls, etc.  It is a fast scoring game.


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