Thanks for your confidence in me. . .

. . . at least, I think.

I’ve always said that I would not go winter camping in a tent or other shelter.  I have no desire to freeze any part of my anatomy by winter camping.  I don’t do well in the cold.  Yes I know I live in the great white frozen north, but that’s in a house with a fairly decent heater, plenty of food & coffee squirrelled away, lots of good books to read and plenty of wool to knit.  Living here in a tent wouldn’t cut it at all with me.

I guess God has other plans.  We planned a family vacation to Yellowstone for early to mid June.  I checked the park’s webpage on the National Parks site just to see what ranger programs would be happening.  Then I saw the road updates link and thought “Hey, let’s check that out for fun”.  OH BOY!  That was not fun!

Apparently, they have had lots of snow in Yellowstone this year.  25 feet of it in the mountain passes.  Yeah, it’s probably no big deal for people used to that much snow.  For us and our trip however, it means that the road between Tower Falls and the campground we have reservations at will be cleared of snow on June 10th.  Weather permitting, they are careful to add.  That’s very close to when we arrive!

Dear Lord, why do you have so much confidence in my ability to adapt to whatever comes my way?  I was looking forward to wearing shorts & a t-shirt when we hike up the mountains and stand on a glacier.  Guess we’ll be packing the parkas instead.

At least I can bring my wool and knit some new mittens to wear.  Ditty was equally “thrilled” to hear about more snow in our future.  Lord, please give us strength.


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