Oh Drat!

It happened again.  I totally missed Monday in all the day-off hubbub and practically slid through Tuesday as well.  I need a vacation.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly could use a bit more humor in my life.  So, without further ado, here is the missing Monday Morning Muse.

“Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?  They never mention that  part to us, do they?”  George Carlin


Other news:

Ditty, BooBoo, DH & I participated in the Memorial Day parade.  It has become the family Memorial Day tradition.  It is followed by the second, family Memorial Day tradition . . . the annual trip to Historic Fort Snelling.  This year the trip was even more memorable because the questionable weather kept us wondering if we would be able to see everything we wanted to see at the Fort or if we would have to make a quick switch to Plan B and go to the Science Museum instead.

I felt that since it had rained earlier that morning, the grounds were probably going to be wet and muddy.  Therefore, I reasoned, if I wear my nice comfortable moccasins to the Fort, they will get soaked and will turn my socks & feet a not so lovely shade of orange.  So I kept my pumps that I wore in the parade on instead.  Please note that our Memorial Day parade is a whole three blocks long.  You could walk this puppy with bunions while in pumps and still be fine.  The short parade walk is due to the location of our American Legion, too close to a very busy road for a longer parade.

So I walked around the historic fort with DH & the kids.  Yes, people were staring at my feet.  And I kept wondering how they could stand walking around in flip-flops.  No arch support and that piece of shoe between your toes . . . it would have driven me crazy.  But after 4 hours at the fort, DH & the kids were ready to leave.

And go to Minnehaha Falls.  Really!  (in case you’re wondering how to pronounce Minnehaha, it’s Mini-ha-ha.)

We arrived at Minnehaha Creek Park and realized that this park you have to pay for parking.  It’s a strange concept, but that’s Minneapolis I guess.  So we paid for parking and then proceeded to the shelter to check out the maps to find the trail down to the falls.  DH & I found the map and he checked the scale to see how far we would need to walk to get to the falls.  He figured about 4000 feet.  Remember, I’m still in pumps.  “Don’t tell the kids.” I told him.  I knew they would not want to walk that far after all the walking at the fort.  So we hoofed it down the sidewalk and finally came to the stairs leading down to the falls. 

Now my feet were aching and we still had the walk back to the van.  Oh joy, DH & the kids decided to walk the lower path along the creek back to the van.  This meant walking:  on stones, through mud and climbing a few inclines when the trail veered up away from the edge of the creek for safety.  And of course, the requisite climb up the stairs to get back up to parking lot level.

I used to call my pumps my running shoes because I wore them to run errands and pick up kids.  Now I can call them my hiking shoes too.

It was still a blessed Memorial Day.  I didn’t have to cook lunch or supper!


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