Due to the Independence Day holiday here in the States, the Monday muse is a Tuesday muse this week.

“Get away from the crowdwhen you can. Keep yourself to yourself, if only for a few hours daily.”  Arthur Brisbane

I’ve been away from this spot for awhile.  It’s amazing how one week can turn into a longer time so quickly.  It was not intentional.  We are enjoying the summer though.

The laundry from our trip to Yellowstone had been subdued, but DH put all of our pictures on his computer and deleted them off the memory card.  I could go out and post using his computer and I eventually will.  I just need the weather to cool down a bit because his shop isn’t air conditioned and gets quite stuffy.

The laundry fairy has also deposited a nice little gift for me, in the form of my middle child.  Ditty has been very helpful with getting the laundry done so that I can get to other things on the never ending to-do list.  And the best part is: she calls me at work to ask questions if she doesn’t remember the instructions and also when she has finished doing the clothes in one temp setting to see if I want her to do the ones in the next setting as well.  Why?  you ask.  “Because it beats sitting around doing nothing” she said.  “Yeah”, I say, “finally a pre-teen who is willing to work”.  The eldest never was that way, so this is a new experience in child rearing for me and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Our camping didn’t end with the Yellowstone trip, although I can see how that might end it for some people.  No showers for six days because the pay showers were way out in another campground would have done me for camping too.  And I did reserve a spot in the campground that had pay showers, but the tent pads were still under 3 feet of snow so we were forced to take shelter at a campground without showers.  The time it would have taken to pack up gear, drive to the showers, wait at the showers, etc. was not worth what we would have missed seeing in the park.  When I get those pics posted, you’ll understand.  Although we probably should have stopped before leaving the park for home.  The first thing I was told after checking in to our hotel room on our drive back was “The guest laundry is open until 9:30pm”.  God bless her for thinking the smell was our clothes.  Or being polite enough to pretend to think it.

Time to get ready to go to work.  Hope you had a lovely Independence Day!


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