Daycamp 2011

I finished another week of volunteering at a Girl Scout daycamp last Friday.  At daycamp, my camp name is Sparky and I teach OSS which stands for outdoor specialty skills.  Things like jackknives, compasses, trail signs, knots, tarp shelters and weather.  This year I had a young adult helping me.  Her camp name was Smurf.  No, she didn’t have blue skin.  And she may be coming back again next year.  That would be great.

I always feel bad dumping someone in the deep end if they’ve never taught before, so I basically had Smurf doing simple tasks with me.  On Friday, I asked if she was coming back next year and she didn’t say no, so I suggested taking her OSS binder home and looking over what we do and letting me know what stuff she’d like to teach the girls next year and I would teach the other stuff.  I hope she comes back.  She was fun to work with.

Last week was incredibly hot here in the great white north.  We definitely were not frozen anymore.  Monday’s heat index was 112, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s heat index was 118.  At that point, I stopped paying attention to heat indexes because it just made me feel warmer than not knowing.  The campers were hot & tired, but who can blame them.  We’re used to temps in the 90’s in July, but with the extremely high humidity we were getting, the mugginess was just about unbearable.

In spite of the weather, we still had loads of fun at camp.  Thursday night was the sleep over for 4th grade & up.  We cooked hot dogs over a fire, made s’mores and enjoyed a second campfire later with songs and skits. 

Today is a rest day.  Tomorrow, it’s laundry & getting on DH’s computer to post some of the Yellowstone pics.


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