Girl Scout fundraising

“Reminds me of my safari in Africa.  Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.”  W.C. Fields

I think I need a girl’s night out.  I can relate to Mr. Fields far too easily today.

The weekends have been crazy around here.  Last Friday & Saturday, we held a garage sale fundraiser for Ditty’s Girl Scout troop.  It would have been a bigger success if I would have had the time to put an advertisement in the paper.  As it was, no ad & not getting signs up until noon on Friday, we still made more money than we did on the garage sale fundraiser we did last spring that did have ads in the newspaper and on local radio and had houses all through my neighborhood participating (in the garage sale part, not our fundraising).  Bums me out though that we could have done better.  The remaining items have been donated to a local thrift store that benefits an organization called Love INC (Love in the name of Christ), so it isn’t so bad.  DH & my co-leader’s husband were both relieved that there wouldn’t be any storage of the remaining piles on the off chance of us doing this again sometime.  I think I would prefer bagging groceries as a fundraiser and apparently the girls in the troop would too based on their responses to the idea.  The one dissenter must have left the troop this past spring.  We required everyone to be on board with a fundraising idea before we would approve it for the troop because we wanted everyone to participate.

What are the girls trying to raise money for, you ask.  They wish to attend the Girl Scout National Convention in 2013, under our supervision of course.  It will probably cost about $700-800 per girl so I am glad that they are planning to do their fundraising early.  We really don’t want to hit up the parents for the cost if possible because our troop parents aren’t wealthy and it would cause a large financial burden for some of them which would equate to their girl being unable to attend.  My co-leader and I are very adamant that every girl who wants to attend should be able to attend.  Fundraising is the way to achieve that goal.

Our troop has been very self-sufficient in the past.  The girls sell cookies and that money has allowed us to forgo asking parents to pay the $12 annual membership fee to National (the troop pays it for every girl) and we have almost eliminated the need for troop dues (we ask for $1 per meeting, but do not strong arm anyone over the amount) to cover the cost of badges & patches.  Cookie sales alone, however, will not meet the cost of a trip to the convention and learning experience it offers the girls is too good to ignore.  We also, if it is possible, want to take the girls to Savannah to see the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts.  That will be another trip that offers a great opportunity for learning since my co-leader’s sister works for a national television station and we could tour there and possibly stay with her as well.  Fundraising for that trip will need to wait until we can get this one under our belts.

In the meantime, we will continue to camp with the girls and do the badgework they have chosen.  Getting them rolling on their Silver Award projects is another goal for this year.  We have a good group of girls and the prospects of adding two more plus possibly others as well.  All this in a spirited and fun environment.  Whew!

I looked back at the title I gave this post before I started writing.  It was My Weekend.  I guess I should subtitle it:  or Who cares as long as there is Girl Scouting.  The post definitely took on a life of its own. 

The title has been changed.

Enjoy your week.


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    Sep 28, 2011 @ 12:39:36

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