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Just a quick post.  I haven’t gotten the pictures downloaded off my camera yet.

I received an email recently from our local Science Museum asking me to take a survey.  We’ve been members for a few years now and the kids enjoy visiting.  They would go there more often if they were driving, that’s how much they like the place.  Oh, and we’d eat there more often too.  Yeah, I wish they had jobs and could drive too.

Anyway, I finally got around to opening the email.  I avoid surveys if I can.  This one, however, I took.  They were asking members to rank 12 potential exhibitions based on our interest in each topic.  The potential exhibitions are and my ranking (1 being no interest & 10 being very interested according to their system):

Math Moves     10

Mummies of the World   10

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs   9  (I know BooBoo would be fascinated, not me.  I’ve seen enough of these.)

Sex:  A Tell All Exhibition    1   (They said that they would respect modesty in this exhibition and that it wouldn’t be lewd, but I still think that no one gets to cut the parents out when it comes to this topic.  The exhibition is supposed to be geared toward sparking conversation between parent & child, but I can see schools trying to use this in place of sex ed class and leaving parents out of the equation.)

The Great Masters (Da Vinci, Michaelangelo & Raphael)    10

Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction   10

Body Worlds: The Cycle of Life   1  (We’ve had a Body Worlds exhibit here before and I really don’t know that I like the whole plasticized human body thing.  We did not go to the exhibit the last time it was here, just saw the promos on television.  It just goes against my grain somehow.)

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition   8   (I don’t follow the Mythbuster’s show, we don’t have cable or dish, so this might be more interesting than I think)

Journey to Space   10

Ultimate Spy  10   (What’s not to like about spy stuff?)

Maya Worlds   10

and Lascaux: The Dawn of Art  (The cave paintings in France)  10

How would you have ranked these?  I’d be interested to know.


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