Crashes, comas and such . . .

We received an update on the condition of DH’s cousin.  The update was sent out on Jan 5th:

There is good and less good news on Mary. Her pelvic fracture is not too serious; the doctors believe it will heal by itself, and don’t plan surgery. Her ankle fracture is also not too bad. But since it is on the same side as her pelvic facture, she will need a very strong ankle, so they will probably put a pin in her ankle.

The less good news relates to her head injuries. She suffered a concussion and brain bleed, and was briefly (a few hours) in a coma. The brain bleed stopped fairly quickly after the accident, and the brain swelling has begun to subside. But she still sleeps most of the time. She seems to recognize Julie, me, Joe and Marguerite (Joe and Marguerite came as soon as they heard–they were the first ones to hear, and the ones who told us–and have been taking great care of her). But she is not very responsive, and hasn’t really spoken in the last two days.

The doctors are cautiously optimistic about the proespects for a full recovery. The CAT scans and MRI show no worrisome signs. They expect her to be in ICU for 1-2 weeks, then a month in a rehab ward, followed by several months of continued rehab.They say it will probably be 3-6 months, maybe longer before she is fully recovered.

I will stay here until Mary is clearly on the way to recovery–hopefully out of ICU–but then will have to go back to Tanzania. Julie will stay here as long as Mary needs her.

As for what happened, Mary was crossing in a crosswalk. Several cars had stopped for her–the law in Colorado–when one car, driven by a yong girl, swerved around the parked cars, hit Mary, and kept going. The other drivers called 911, and covered Mary with their coats until the ambulance and police arrived. Given the number of witnesses, and the fact that debris from the car was at the scene, the police believe they know who the driver was, and are about to arrest her.

Please keep Mary in your prayers. Thanks.

Love, John

Please keep praying for Mary as she continues to try and move forward with her recovery.

Thank you.


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