Even Less Good News

Recovery, your’s or someone else’s, is fraught with ups and downs.  I know this.  We’ve been through this with DH’s mother.  Somehow, that still doesn’t make it any easier to get news like this:

This is Michael and I just had dinner with John in Boulder.  Unfortunately, the latest is not good news.  It seems as though Mary is not recovering at the pace the doctors expected her to recover.  They did some further tests and found that Mary has further damage to her brain John referred to as ‘brain shear’.  While there is still a reasonable prognosis for full recovery, the timetable has been moved from 3-6 months to 12-18-24 months.  Needless to say this is a real setback for Mary and John & Julie are taking it very hard.  If at any time they needed our prayers this is the time.  John asked me to share this information and I am sure he will update the family as he is able to do so.”

I asked a nurse friend what “brain shear” is and she explained that the brain is attached to the inside of the skull.  During extreme trauma, for example the violent snapping motion of a car crash, some of the connections can be severed or sheared away.  The brain/body will try to regrow these connections and that it can take up to 2 years for the connections to completely regrow.

Please continue to pray for Mary and her family.

Thank you


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