Diet, Day 2

Well I’m only on day 2 and I’ve already oopsed. 

I had to go into the suburbs to donate blood this morning and ran late for my appointment.  And they were busy as all get out with platelet donors (they take more set up time than whole blood), so my 9:30 time got pushed back so far that I didn’t get out of there until noon.

Since all they had for post donation snack choices was cookies, pretzels, chex mix, and raisins, I decided to just grab a water.  So far so good.  Then I left the building and realized that it was noon and I had not eaten since breakfast at 7:30!  Tried to remember which restaurants close by would offer salad, figuring that I could add grilled chicken & ask for dressing on the side.  Drove to Perkins, all the salads had tons of other stuff on them that is not part of the diet-items like ham, bacon, breaded chicken.  Then I saw the made to order omelettes.

Okay, I thought, this is doable.  I’ll just order an omelette with lots of veggies, skipping the mushrooms because I don’t like them on eggs.  What I didn’t realize was all the other stuff you get when you order an omelette.  Did I want hashbrowns or country potatoes?  Neither really, but I ordered the country potatoes because my willpower wasn’t up to walking away from hashbrowns.  And did I want pancakes or toast, or for an extra 49 cents I could upgrade to a jumbo muffin?  Ugh!  I ordered whole wheat toast.

In retrospect, I should have ordered the pancakes.  I can walk away from pancakes.  I didn’t walk away from the toast.  I didn’t eat both slices, only one of them.  And I justified it by telling myself “Well, you’ve just given blood so you needed that to fill up/replace what was lost in donation/etc.”.  No I didn’t “need” it.  It just tasted really good.  I promise that I did not put jelly on the toast.  Buttered, even sparingly as they do it, was good enough for me.


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