The diet again & other things

Sorry, didn’t mean to make this a diet blog.  Just a quick update.

Day 3 went well.  Even got in my exercise.  Today I made turkey chili, no beans-they’re not allowed in the first cycle, and added extra veggies in the form of carrots & celery.  You may not think carrots & celery belong in chili, but I can state, from my vast experience as a Girl Scout outdoor trainer making many pots of vegetarian chili, that they do.  Plus I get to eat as many “cleansing vegetables” as I want so why not bulk up the chili, right?

Truly though, it’s the green tea that just gums up my determination.  Tea in general and green tea in particular are about as appealing to me as stewed prunes.  Oh well, slug it down and continue on.

A quick update on DH’s cousin.  Last week was a much beter week.  Mary was moved out of ICU and into rehab last Friday.  She did have an infection then, but they have cured that.  And since Tuesday, Jan 18th, there has been wonderful progress.  Mary is more verbal.  She sometimes speaks in full sentences (the Mary kind of sentences-long, complicated ones) where her parents & caregivers can only understand the first few words.  The doctors say that is common at this stage.  But sometimes she speaks in unprompted, full sentences that are clear.  For example, her speech therapist was talking to her about the Westminster dog show and Mary said “What time is that on?”

She is off her feeding tube and is able to feed herself with a bit of help.  She is also doing real well in physical therapy.  She can even push the wheels on her wheelchair to move down the hall (albeit very slowly).  Overall, the physical problems are healing nicely and the doctors are very happy with her neurological progress. 

Thank you for your prayers up to this point and please continue to pray for this amazing young woman’s complete recovery.


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