Going away

Not me.

DH & I attended a going away party last night for a friend of ours.  He’s leaving for a new job in another state.  It was a nice evening and a well attended party.  It was held at a bar and food was available.

Yes, that’s where this post is going.  My willpower survived the night.  I had large glasses of ice water with a squeeze of lemon in them all night.  And this after thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to get my eight glasses of water in yesterday. 🙂  I was back to my old habit of not stopping what I was doing long enough to hydrate even a little throughout the day.

I also held firm in my resolve not to eat anything.  I sat down with friends across the room from the food.  My resolve almost slipped when our friend’s mom came around (twice!) with desserts.  Thankfully she didn’t bring the K bars around the second time or I might have lost my fight.  Cake doesn’t tempt me, certain types of bars however (oy!).

The night went well, then DH decided to indulge in a big taco and extra chips.  I didn’t cave in.  I was glad that he hadn’t put cheese on those chips.  Again, another weakness of mine.

If nothing else, this diet is certainly showing me my food temptations.  And at the grocery store yesterday, I found myself getting ready for the second 17 day cycle even though I was only on day 5 of the first.  They had whole wheat pasta on sale for $1.39 per 16 oz. box, so I bought three boxes.  On the whole though, I do spend far more time in the produce section than before.  I also found out that the turkey taco salad I had for supper needs to be served on iceberg lettuce.  The spring mix lettuce blend I had purchased tasted horrible with taco meat.  It had too many strong, conflicting flavors.

Live and learn.

That’s all for now.  A nice, quiet breakfast and mountains of housework await me.  If you’re also on the dieting path, keep your chin up and your calories down.


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