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Well!  All I can say is: post on a diet (or any other hot topic) and you’ll get all kinds of spam! 

My chicken chow mein page is getting all kinds of weird comments from the spambots.  I mean really, what does my thoughts on global expansion have to do with making homemade chicken chow mein?  Do they expect me to can it ala Chun King and market it all over the world?  I’m a mom-I really don’t have that kind of time on my hands. 

Unless of course, they’d like to come over and clean my house, do my laundry, and run all my errands.  Nah, even then it would take quite a team effort and way more capital than I can expend. 

And no, cutting out shopping at Target and Walmart will not significantly increase our bottom line.  You’ve been listening to DH too much.  I don’t even have time to shop lately.

The diet on the other hand seems to be going quite well.  By the looks of my scale, I’ve lost 9 pounds in 8 days.  Okay, that should be motivation enough to stay off the carbs for the next 9 days.  At least I hope so.  Truth be told, I’ve never craved a couple slices of whole wheat bread more. 

Some people miss the doughnuts, cake, or cookies, but I miss the wheat bread and popcorn.  I know you probably find that hard to believe given what my weight was at the start of this diet.  Really though, doughnuts never held much sway with me.  They’re okay once in awhile, but I’d never knock anyone down to get one.  And cake, bleah.  Frosting, real buttercream frosting, I like and that was only offered on top of cake.  So that was the only reason I’d actually eat cake-for the frosting.  I don’t miss the cake and I only slightly miss the frosting (again, not enough to mug somebody).  Cookies are nice.  I know that someday I will reach my goal weight and then I’ll be able to enjoy 1 or 2 cookies.  And being a Girl Scout mom, I know that those cookies will be waiting for me in my freezer.  After all, I can’t let the kiddo down just because I’m on a diet.

But why whole wheat bread and popcorn?  At our house, the only “health kick” DH would ever agree to was swapping out the squishy white bread we used to buy for whole wheat or even multigrain bread.  I’ve always liked it and our kids grew up eating it.  My life being what it is (hectic at times and chaotic at others), a sandwich at lunch or even a couple slices of toast in the morning was really relaxing. 

Basically, I hope the next 9 days go by in a blur because Phase 2 of this diet actually allows me to have bread.  Still can’t have the peanut butter but even dry bread with my bowls of soup sounds wonderful.

If you’re journeying on a diet with me, I offer prayers for your success and mine.


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