Recycled fashion

Yes, I know the stores in the U.S. are now going through an 80’s craze but that’s not what I mean.

In costuming 107 actors on zero budget, we sometimes have to get a bit creative.  Like combing thrift stores and using valances and pillowcases to make skirts for our wee performers. 

I have to say, I may have a special calling in this area.  My “skirts du pillowcase” look pretty good.  In the dark, from 20 feet away, I really don’t think anyone will know that those skirts are from the fashion house of Westpoint Pepperell.  Especially if my little actors are short enough that I can hem up the entire white border that now makes up the bottom of the skirt.  I’ll have to take a picture of them and post it.

I’m currently working on “skirt du valance”.  I found a pair of lovely yellow & blue striped valances with a pink & green floral print on them.  I ripped all the seams out of one so far and I think with an elastic waist and maybe some lace to lengthen the bottom, it will look quite nice on stage.  And I have a second valance that I can either use as a ruffle with the skirt (if more length is needed) or to make another skirt.  Yes, that is also the bane of being an actor in our productions-someone else is always wearing the same outfit.

Who knows, I may be able to open my own little Etsy shop if I get good enough at this.  But what to call it?  French Chick Recycled Fashion or Fashion on a Budget? 


On the diet front, today is the last day of my first 17 day cycle.  I’ll weigh in tomorrow and share my progress.

I thought I’d be able to add bread back into my diet on the next 17 day cycle, but unfortunately for me I read that incorrectly.  Bread does not get added back until after the first 34 days.  Oh well.  I’ve gotten used to ogling bread.

I do get to add “simple starches” back.  Two servings every other day.  Things like:  a medium baked potato, a medium baked sweet potato, navy beans, red beans, kidney beans, corn, peas & split peas, pearled barley, brown rice, oatmeal and cream of wheat.  There are other simple starches too, but these are the ones I would be most likely to add back.  Well, not really on the cream of wheat.  Too many bad memories of having to eat plain cream of wheat for breakfast during pregnancy because it was the only cereal that didn’t spike my blood sugar.

Keep praying for my success with this diet.  My health depends on it.  My sanity will be fine once we’re done with the costuming.  And I was just kidding about the Etsy shop.  I don’t have time for an Etsy shop.


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