Success and review

I have now lost 11 pounds in 17 days.  I began phase 2 of the 17 Day Diet today and WOW!  did that oatmeal taste good.  I didn’t make my usual Oatmeal for One because the craisins would have upped the carb content probably to the point where it would not be appropriate for this phase of the diet.  I did put cinnamon in it and sweetened it with Truvia (after I cooked the oatmeal).

Now it’s time for some reflection on the first 17 days.

Could I have done better on the first 17 days?  In short-Yes.  I should have walked away from the toast on day 2.  I should not have had popcorn with BooBoo on days 7 & 14.  I should have just made a taco salad on day 13 instead of indulging in a hard shell taco at the school’s Student Showcase.  I also should have kept my resolve firmer and not had those snack crackers on day 15.  I should also have made time for exercise every day.  I don’t think I got the 17 minutes of exercise in on even half the days in this cycle.

What did I do that was good?  Well, I did have 14 good days where I followed the diet to the T.  I only ate one of the two pieces of toast and the toast was whole wheat, not white.  It was light popcorn, not the full fat butter variety.  I did not make my favorite soft shell taco because the tortillas were the white flour kind.  And I said no thanks to the chocolate cake served for dessert.  I fed my family in a way that my diet would not affect them, yet I made sure that on 16 of the 17 days I did not have to cook two separate meals (one for them and one for me).

Is it worth continuing this diet?  Of course.  After all, I have lost weight.  I’m now 11 pounds lighter than I was before and it is a start.  A good start.  Maybe my faith helps me in this regard.  I know that we are all human and that we all make mistakes in our lives.  I know that making mistakes is a part of life and that we need to move beyond those mistakes.  Not forgetting them precisely, but learning from them and hopefully, not repeating them.

So, what then are my lessons to bring forward to the second phase?  I will make time to exercise every day of this cycle.  I will use my carb days to choose carbs wisely that will fit the plan and help to tame my carb cravings so that they do not diminish my success.

I hope that your own weight loss journey is working for you and that you are not beating yourself up about your mistakes.  Keep at it.  You will get better, healthier and slimmer as you continue.  Best of luck.  My prayers for your success are with you.


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