Snow Days or Leaping for Joy

Oh how I love a good snow day!  We had one here in the great, white, frozen north yesterday.  I really needed it too.

Between Tuesday night and yesterday evening (before BooBoo’s bedtime), I was able to complete the remaining 8 fairy skirts and make 3 additional villager skirts for Beauty & the Beast Jr.  Considering that prior to this I was seriously hoping that I would just be able to get all of that done by Monday afternoon’s practice, this is absolutely fantastic.  I can now concentrate on household stuff and maybe getting a few more shawls crocheted for the villagers before the play opens.

Yes, I’m thinking the play has me a little touched in the head too.  But it’s for my kids, their friends and the other little kids that attend our school.  So I’m cutting myself some slack on this one.  And I’ll be one of the proudest costumers in the room when we finally get to see all this work pay off onstage and in audience reactions to the play.

It’s amazing too that when I heard there might be a snow day that:  a) I didn’t believe it would happen.  We haven’t had a snow day all winter and they were predicting that it would melt overnight around here.  Why even hope, right?, b) didn’t pray that God would give us a snow day.  I honestly felt that it wouldn’t drastically change my ability to get enough accomplished that I would be more than 1 or 2 days earlier in meeting my goals at best., and c) really only prayed that God would help me get all the sewing done by Saturday.

Well, He sure helped!  I got all that sewing done and a load of dishes put through the dishwasher.  (My back needed a break from all that bending to cut fabric.)  Ditty didn’t even roll her eyes when I asked her to sort my & DH’s clothes, do the laundry and make sure it kept moving.  That had to be God’s intervention.  A teen always rolls their eyes when a parent asks them to do a mundane, boring task.  She cheerfully said yes to it.  Adoration was even cancelled due to the difficult driving conditions.

I’m going to the adoration chapel today though.  I really need to thank Him in person for lifting this burden off my shoulders.

Have a great day.  And remember, God loves you too!


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