Oh dear!

Too much on my plate lately, both literally and figuratively!  I got called back to work the week before we left for spring break.  This is both good and not so good.  Good that we once again have a small mad money account, not so good because when I sit at a desk all day I eat-junk food.

Yes, I’ve fallen off the diet.  I shouldn’t.  I certainly can’t afford to stop the diet, at least in terms of my own health.  And I did say that this diet was going to need to be done the same way that I quit smoking-every time I drop the ball, I need to just start over.

Well, today is May 1st, so I’m beginning the 17 Day Diet-again!  I need to figure out a time to get some lunches made ahead for the three days I work.  The office is close to my home, so I might be able to come home for lunch two out of the three days I work.  That might help.  I know that I need to get back to cooking the way I did the first time.  Starting today!

Life has also gotten much busier over here.  Soccer practice started last Thursday for Ditty.  Unfortunately the coach didn’t speak with me, so nothing got written down on the calendar plus we have Girl Scouts on Thursday nights.  So with not knowing the exact practice time, I wasn’t about to sit around at a soccer field for an hour hoping to be able to let the coach know that we had a schedule conflict.  So DH emailed the head of the soccer club and asked to get the coach’s name & email/phone number so that we could get the practice & game schedules.  Practices:  Tuesdays &  Thursdays from 5:30-7pm.

Oh, and BooBoo’s players’ clinic is next Tuesday, May 8th.  The coach called us with that information.  Not the time mind you, or his name, just the date.  At least I can look up the time on the soccer club’s website.  And I might suggest, since we know at least two of the people heading up the soccer club, that they might want to put together a sample script for the volunteer coaches to use if they choose to make phone calls instead of sending the parents an email.

We’re also going to Kansas over Mother’s Day weekend for our niece, DH’s goddaughter’s, college graduation.  I mentioned this to my favorite local yarn shop proprietor and she is of the opinion that colleges do this to spite mothers.  And the men who chose the state fishing opener despise us too.  Well, I happen to agree with her.  After all, we give birth to the future college students, raise and educate them well so that they can attend said college and just because they choose to graduate, we must be the ones at fault for raising and educating them so well that they actually don’t want to be professional students (thereby loosing a valuable source of revenue for said college).  So put commencement exercises on Mother’s Day.  Yeah, that’ll teach ’em.  I think the mothers of the deans at these colleges should have put a bit more attention into their children’s upbringing.  And the same goes for the guys who chose the fishing opener.  Oh sure, they probably thought they’d do us a favor.  Get the husband & kids out of the house for the day.  Unfortunately, the husband leaves for the weekend to fish with his buddies and leaves the wife home with the kids to enjoy her “special” day.  Amazingly enough, this type of thing never happens on Father’s Day.  Hmmm.  Maybe it should.  Just think how the world might be changed if we instituted an official “Spa Opener” on the weekend of the third Sunday of June.  Reality Check:  in spite of the high cost of a spa visit, the two weekends would probably balance each other out in price since most women don’t drink that much beer.

Okay, so maybe none of the excess on my plate is figurative.  Oh well, carry on chaps and chapesses.  I’m off.


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