I’m Disgusted

With myself.  For not posting more often.  For not being able to stick with the diet this month.  It has been busy, but it will always be busy.  It’s time to carve out the time I need.  Okay-done with the b***h/pity party session.

As I said, we have been quite busy lately.  The kids have started their summer soccer season and our week now goes like this:  Monday night-Ditty’s game, Tuesday night-BooBoo’s game, Wednesday night-BooBoo’s practice, Thursday night-Ditty’s practice and Girl Scout meeting.  Thank God for Friday so I can finally relax before our busy weekends.

I’ve already forgotten what we did on May 5th & 6th.  Maybe we had a relaxing weekend.  The next week we told the kid’s homeroom teachers that they wouldn’t be in school that Friday because we were going to our niece’s college graduation in Atchison Kansas.  She’s also DH’s goddaughter and a real sweetie so there was no way we would miss that, even though colleges all seem to think that watching commencement exercises is what all mothers want to do on Mother’s Day weekend.

So on May 11th, we packed kids, bags and snacks into my minivan and drove to Kansas City KS.  Because DH’s aunt found out we would be that close and wanted us to visit.  We had a lovely visit with her and her husband, then we drove about another hour to Atchison.  We stayed with DH’s sister, brother-in-law & their family in one of the dorm suites on campus.  It was a better option than the nearest hotel in St. Joe MO, which is about 30 minutes away from the campus.

Commencement was Saturday morning.  They had two great speakers, the Archbishop and George Weigl (yup, JPII’s biographer).  Oh, I forgot to mention that she graduated from Benedictine College, yes they’re a Catholic college-but you probably already guessed that part from the speakers.  I wish they offered a dvd of the commencement speeches.  Yeah, I know, that’s not something you will hear me say very often-if ever.  These speakers were really That Good! and a far cry better than C.Bear’s commencement speaker, Ann Bancroft.  She was dull as door nails and long winded to boot. 

After commencement and the requisite picture taking, we went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant in St Joe.  The restaurant was located in a historical mansion and the atmosphere was quite nice.  Of course the company was great, so that always helps.  We lunched with the above mentioned crew plus our niece, her boyfriend and his family.  Table for 18 por favor 🙂 .  Glad we had reservations and that the restaurant checked names because another large party almost got our table.  A lunch delay would not have put the little kids in a good mood.

Then it was back to campus and mass at the local parish church which is conveniently located next to the campus.  And the parish priest is another great speaker.  His homily was very strong and gave the views of the Catholic church without reservation or pulling any punches. 

I need to add that Ditty was very attentive to the commencement exercises.  At least to the point of noting that Benedictine offers degrees in both Criminology and Mathematics (her choices as of this year in 7th grade).  We might have a future Raven in our house and after being there, I wouldn’t object.  Though the freshman beanie thing may cause her a bit of hesitation.  I’ll just remind her it’s like being in a school uniform and not that big of a deal since she’d only have to wear it the first year.  Yeah, I liked the place.  And they’re growing-no surprise really for a school that seems to take the Catholic faith seriously.  We’ll be making other visits there, we may have another niece attending soon & possibly her brothers.  And I’ll be keeping it in mind as an option for Ditty’s campus visits.

Sunday saw us driving back home.  We had a nice lunch at Cindy’s Corner Cafe in Urbandale Iowa.  It’s a neat little cafe and they only serve lunch on the weekends, so we arrived in the nick of time.

Last weekend, Ditty had her first Saturday soccer game.  That cut the day very short for me as I was also getting things ready to celebrate DH’s 50th birthday.  His actual is in April, but we were too busy, so he had to wait until mid-May for the party.  Then on Sunday came the Cub Scout pack picnic.  Typical pot luck-lots of people and more food than that number of people require.

This weekend we are going up to see DH’s grandma and my parents on Saturday.  Sunday is our nephew’s First Holy Communion and if possible, a graduation party for the daughter of a friend of mine.  Monday is the Memorial Day parade with our scouts and the local American Legion.  After the parade, we’re just going to wind down by staying home and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to grill something.  We didn’t have a grill all last summer due to our old one needing too many repairs/parts replacements.  I bought DH a Coleman Tailgate grill for his birthday so we might end up using that since we haven’t replaced the one on our deck yet.  If the weather’s bad, maybe we’ll go see MIB 3 instead.

Have a great weekend.  I’ll try to get pics up soon.


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