We went camping over last weekend at one of our lovely state parks.  Due to the busyness of the weekend though, it wasn’t as relaxing as it could have been.  We got to the park around 2:30 and set up our tent only to quickly change clothes and leave for our WI nephew’s graduation party which was a 2 hour drive from the park.  In perspective, the drive would have been about 2.5 to 3 hours from our house depending on traffic in the Metro.  Also, the state park we stayed at is about 2 hours from our house.  Had I known how far away the party was, I would have transferred our reservations to a state park that was in between our house & the party rather than one that was equidistant.

On Saturday, we rented canoes at the park.  DH really believed that 4 hours on the river would be fun.  Had the wind not been blowing upstream at 10-12 mph, it probably would have been fun.  As it was, I was glad when we finally got to the landing and could be done.  After that, we made supper, ate and DH & BooBoo went to see the ranger’s movie presentation on eagles.  We played a few games, had s’mores and went to bed.  Sunday, ate breakfast and packed up camp.  We stopped at a nice park for lunch and went on a guided tour of an 1850’s fur trading post, then home for showers, supper and 6pm Mass.

That was a bit much to pack into a weekend away from home.  This weekend at least BooBoo & I can relax.  For awhile anyway, on Saturday morning.  Next weekend will be better.  I can hardly wait. 

One more weekend until we go camping with our friends.  It might sound silly to people who don’t enjoy camping, especially after the above.  We have so much fun and laughter on the weekends we camp with this group.  And there is definitely a lot of relaxing.  No pressure to do stuff, just sitting around talking and enjoying the weather.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.  But if not, we’ll still have fun & relax.

One of these days, I’ll get the photos off my camera & into my computer.  Then I can update this blog with some of the beauty & fun of life.


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