The 17 Day Diet-Day One

Here I go again.  It’s time to make the weight loss stick.  Well, okay, I’ve made about 8 lbs of the weight loss stick.  But I still have a long way to go.

Today I weighed myself.  I am starting this diet at 203lbs.  I need to lose 63-68 lbs in order to bring myself down to a healthy weight for my height of 5’5″.

Today I ate:


2 scrambled eggs with diced yellow bell pepper & red onion.

Morning snack:

1 nectarine

6 oz plain greek yogurt with 1 packet of Truvia


1-5 oz can tuna tossed with 1 Tbsp olive oil & 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 cucumber, peeled & cut into sticks

1/2 cup grape tomatoes


1 boneless, skinless chicken breast seasoned with Montreal Chicken seasoning

1/2 cup steamed green & yellow beans

1 tomato, sliced

Evening Snack:

6oz greek yogurt with 1 packet Truvia

Today I drank:

1-8oz hot water with lemon

2-8oz cups green tea

3-8oz glasses of water

My “exercise” consisted of getting up & down a step stool while taping & painting my son’s new bedroom.  Not what I wanted to do, but tomorrow will be better.


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  1. Picodon
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 19:17:23

    When you mentioned “exercise”, it sounded like you were disappointed that you didn’t do more, or perhaps that you didn’t do “real exercise” (as in calisthenics, for example). If I misunderstood, I apologise.

    Otherwise, here is a suggestion, based on some reading, running the numbers in my head and personal practice (of a simple layman also working on losing weight and having lost 45 lbs so far): exercise only marginally helps in losing weight. Depending on how it’s done, physical exercise is good for building strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, dexterity… All absolutely worthwhile! But it does really little in helping losing weight.

    I once read the adage “get fit at the gym, lose weight in the kitchen”. I think that it is true. It’s not advertised because, well, what business incentive is there in promoting eating less, and focussing on eating plain home-cooked food? So we only hear about solutions that cost money: buy a gym membership, workout equipment and clothing, DVDs, books, special foods, etc. Actually, losing weight saves money rather than the opposite: buy basic ingredients that you enjoy, cook them as you like them, and eat very sparingly.

    In the end, what I mean to say is, if you ever feel a little bad that you didn’t “properly exercise” in relation to body weight, please don’t. Staying in control of your food and drink intake is what really counts. Furthermore, being active in a productive or leisurely way (cooking, gardening, playing and walking around with family) is a perfect way to spend your energy. That’s just what you did redecorating your son’s bedroom: no reason to dismiss it at all! In fact, congratulations for it!

    Best wishes.

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